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Army Chemical Review presents professional information about Chemical Corps functions related to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, smoke, flame, and civil support operations.

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PB 3-13-1, Summer 2013 2 Chief of Chemical and Commandant, U.S. Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear School 37 CBRN Information Systems Tools By Sergeant First Class Shawn T. Watterson and Mr. Charles Klaus 4 Regimental Command Sergeant Major 39 2013 Honorees of the Chemical Corps 5 The Role of NATO in Medical CBRN Defense: A Primer for CBRN Soldiers By Colonel Theodore J. Cieslak, MD; Lieutenant Colonel S. Craig Moss (Retired); and Sergeant Major James O. Smith (Retired) 40 USAR CBRN: Building a Unity of Command By Colonel Clark H. Summers 43 The Need for Cross-Cultural Strategies and Cohesiveness Within CBRN Security Partnerships By Dr. Boshra N. EL-Guindy 10 The Role of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency in Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction By Major Bryon G. Galbraith 48 The 48th Chemical Brigade Participates in Warpath III Exercise By Captain Diane M. Hamm 13 Army 2020: We've Been There Before By Colonel John M. Riley 52 The Critical Nature of Building Biodefense Capacity in Africa By Ralph F. Kerr, Ph.D. 15 ECBC Partners With Universities for Advanced Research Initiatives By Mr. Don Kennedy 56 Chief of Chemical's Recommended Professional Reading List 18 Changes to British CBRN Defence Specialist Capabilities By Wing Commander Timothy Edward Uren, Royal Air Force 19 Chemical Corps Role in a Unifed Exploitation Concept By Captain Sean T. Carmody 25 CBRN/Security Platoon: A New Breed of "Combat Chemical" By Captain Seth P. Model 28 Building Partner Capacity Activities for the GoI By Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey J. Kyburz 34 The Chemical Corps—The Primary Force for Building Counter-WMD Forces By Major John Gervais 57 Doctrine Update 60 Reserve Component Update 62 News From the Personnel Development Offce Inside back cover: CBRN Regiment 2016–2020 Strategy Editor's Note: In the near future, the National Military Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction (13 February 2006) will be updated and renamed the National Defense Strategy to Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction. Some articles in this publication use the current terminology of "combating" weapons of mass destruction, and some use the future terminology of "countering" weapons of mass destruction. Cover photos—U.S. Army photos Back cover "Cross Retorts" design—Specialist Michael Hughes Summer 2013 1

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